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Welcome at Autoparts Plus

Autoparts Plus offers a high degree of service thanks to 30 years of experience in the automobile industry.

Autoparts Plus finds its orgins nearby Brussels at the end of the seventies and the begining of the eighties when Jozef De Vits decides to leave the transportation business and invests all his belongings in order to start his own autoparts company. Sooner than expected very pleasing results were achieved and so his two sons Jan and Guy joined the business. Empowered by unified family strength each year new targets are met and new challenges are set.

Autoparts Plus. A succes thanks to strong partners

Autoparts Plus continues its quest for establishing synergies with manufacturers, importers, suppliers and colleagues distributors. As a consequence Autoparts Plus is able to offer competitive pricing towards customers thanks to improved purchase conditions. Thanks to are solid partners our customers will be delighted when it comes to our after-sales-service you can always count on. Further more we only allow quality products in our product range with a proven track record. Value for money and quality remain thé most important keywords.

Autoparts Plus. Almost everything for your car.

Our range of products consists of nearly one million product records. So, whatever you are looking for, there is a good chance you will find it at Autoparts Plus. Our staff is very keen on sourcing the toughest parts and accessories. You can rely on us thanks to our motivated team of employees who are at your disposal every working day.

Thank you for taking the time to read this text. We hope to welcome you soon as a customer! Nice to meet you!

The Autoparts Plus Team