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Terms and conditions

Acceptation of our terms and conditions
The terms and conditions mentioned here are valid for all agreements between:

Autoparts Plus CVBA
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(here after named "Seller") and his customers regarding all sales actions fulfilled through unless a written document signed by the Seller and the customer mentiones a different arrangement. Customer who haven't received the terms and conditions in their mother tongue are also supposed to agree entirely with these terms nevertheless the language. Every customer is supposed to acknowledge and accept the Sellers terms before placing an order, even if these terms conflict with the customers own terms and conditions. Every customer declines his own terms by ordering through
Quotations, orders and prices
All quotations given by the Seller are strictly informational and do not implicate any legal commitment. All the prices are informationale and can be changed any time without any notification. Every order placed by the customer implicates a legal commitment towards the Seller. The Seller commits to the order after confirmation through e-mail or by any written means. The Seller can choose to not confirm or cancel the order at any time without justification.
The Seller can not be held responsable for not fulfilling an order in the event of malfunctions, failing suppliers, lack of supplies, accidents, strike, fire, flood or other unexpected circumstances. The Seller is not obliged to proove the unforeseen qualification of the event. Prices on are shown inclusif and exclusif of VAT. Recupel and Valorlub are included in the displayed prices. Exchange values (as for example for batteries, steering racks, starter engines, etc.) are processed separately. On sales documents product prices and VAT are displayed separately. All prices are exclusive of transportation costs, assembling and mounting costs, installation and instructions fees. In the event of an incorrect displayed price caused by a faulty import the Seller reserves himself the right to cancel the order and apply the correct price after the customers confirmation.
Delivery and delivery details
Delivery details are mentioned as purely informational and can not implicate any form of legal commitment towards the custom. Delays in delivery can not lead to demands to claims to compensate for possible losses, extra labour costs or any form of disadvantages caused by the delay. The Seller reserves himself the right to ship an order in multiple deliveries. The customer is supposed to inform the Seller in the event of possible difficulties regarding the delivery (when road is blocked or closed for maintenance f.e.). The seller advises the customer to choose for a delivery address where somebody can accept the delivery during working hours.
Transaction of property and risk
All deliveries are at the customers direct responsibiliy once they leave the Sellers warehouse. All goods are owned by the Seller untill complete payment of the invoiced amount.
Verifying delivery and complaintes
The customer is supposed to check the ordered goods immediately after delivery. Any damage to the orders packaging, any missing parts or missing products should be notified by writting "damaged at delivery" or "missing products X", together with the customers signature on the shipping documents presented at the time of delivery. The customer is supposed to inform the Seller without any delay by sending an e-mail to or transmitting a fax at 0032 (0)2 582 21 69. The Seller will verify whether the complaint is justified and will undertake the neccessary actions. In no event the customer will claim compensations for transportation costs, certain losses or disadvantages or any other form of indemnity.
Product descriptions and images
The customer can find a product description for every product on These product descriptions are strictly informational and its contents can never implicate any legal commitment towards the Seller. All descriptions are under reserve of possible input faults on our behalf or that of our suppliers. In case of doubt it is advised to check the technical specifications of the desired product on the manufacturers website and to contact the Seller. Every image on is illustrative and it is possible that some minor details differ from the actual delivered product.
All products shown on can be payed through the Ogone payment module which is integrated in our website.
Right to cancel orders made through
In the event of a sale where the order process is not beeing fulfilled at the Sellers address and the goods are delivered at the customers address, and when the customer is a private customer, then the customer has the right to cancel the order within 14 days after delivery. In this event the customer will notify the Seller within 14 days from delivery that the sale is beeing cancelled through written means (e-mail or through fax 0032(0)2 582 21 69). The customer will be asked to decline his right to cancel the order or sale in the event of a made to order product or a part that is specially tailored for the customer. In such a case the customer will be asked to decline by written means before the order is accepted. The customer will ship the goods at the Seller by the customers expenses. Any transportation costs and fees will remain at the expense of the customer at all times and are in no event refundable. The customer is obliged to make sure that the goods reach the Seller within 7 days after cancellation. The Seller can not be held responsable for the loss, theft or damage of the goods send in by the customer. The customer must undertake the neccessary steps to insure that the goods which are beeing resend are covered by a suitable insurance. The goods must be send to Autoparts Plus Cvba, Assesteenweg 110-112, B1742 Ternat, Belgium. The Seller has the right to refuse the returned goods when the goods or their packaging have been damaged, soiled, wrinkled or written upon. The goods must always be returned in their original packaging. The customer must verify that all accessories, manuals etc are present in the same way it was originally packaged. The Seller reserve himself the right to refuse the return of the goods when one or more of the above criteria aren't met.
Warranty and Return policy
The warranty offered on the delivered goods is limited to the warranty offered by the manufacturer or the importer. The warranty is limited to faults and malfunctions which are directly linked to manufacturing defects. The customer is supposed to take into account and apply the manufacturers prescriptions regarding the application of the product Warranty will not be accepted in the following events: normal wear, faulty application and an application that exceeds the manifacturer prescriptions or the intended use of the product, corrosion, traces of humidity, lack of maintenance, lack of care, repairs not carried out by the Seller, lack of purchase document or when the product has been the subject of lease, renting etc. When the Seller has made expenses to investigate the warranty claim and when this investigation leads to one of the mentioned bounce reasons, then the custom will be charged with this expenses. The customer will always be informed by e-mail regarding the status of his warranty claim. The customer will be able to recover his product after payment of the mentioned costs related to his warranty claim in the event of a non-accepted and bounced warranty claim. The Seller can not be liable for any direct or indirect inconveniencies caused by the broken or faulty product.
Complaintes and legal issues
All legal issues fall under the Belgian law and will only be treated by the Court of Law of Vilvoorde.